Frequently Asked Questions

Program - FAQs
  • What is a typical meeting day like?
  • Each meeting has a distinct agenda. However, generally the format is as follows:
    • Breakfast (7-8 am)
    • Morning Plenary Session (8-11 am)
    • Poster Setup (11 am-1 pm)
    • On own for lunch and activities* (11 am-4:30 pm)
    • Open Poster Viewing (1-10 pm)
    • Optional Afternoon workshops (2:30-4:30pm) See current program for specific times.
    • Evening Plenary Session (5-7 pm)
    • Social Hour (7-8 pm)
    • Poster Session (7:30-10pm)

    • * See Meeting Locations for more information regarding free time activities.
  • Can the talks/poster presentations be recorded?
  • WARNING!! Absolutely no video equipment, cameras, audio equipment or any other type of recording device will be allowed in the meeting area. Turn off cell phones and pagers during sessions. Any violators will be asked to leave the meeting area and possibly removed from the entire meeting. The only exception to this is when a Keystone Symposia employee or contractor uses such devices for marketing/publicity or educational/outreach purposes.
  • When are programs finalized?
  • Keystone Symposia and their organizers are committed to reducing/minimizing last-minute program changes; however, since changes do occur, please check our website frequently for current programs.
  • When will the changes made during the program be available?
  • Any changes made during the program will be available on our website 3-4 weeks after the completion of the meeting.