Keystone Symposia is offering scholarships of up to 1,200 USD to Students and Postdoctoral fellows. These scholarships are to be used to help defray the expenses associated with conference attendance, including registration fee, abstract fee, airfare (restrictions may apply based on funding source), ground transportation and lodging costs. Receipts will be required to receive reimbursement for travel expenses other than registration fees.

NOTE: Keystone Symposia will pay the registration fee when the scholarship is awarded to reduce out of pocket expenses, and the amount will be deducted from the total award.

Abstracts submitted for poster presentation will be used as the basis for awarding the scholarships. Scholarship recipients will be selected based on the quality of science of the abstract and the relevance of the abstract to the conference topic. Only one application per abstract is accepted. Only one award per lab will be allocated.

The application process for 2016 meetings will open by March 1, 2015. Award amounts will be increased for the 2016 meeting season.


To be eligible for a scholarship:

  • Must be a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow currently enrolled in an academic program at the start of the meeting for which you are applying.
  • An applicant is eligible to receive one award per meeting year (July 1st - June 30th).

Review Criteria

Criteria for Abstract Review:

  1. Relevance to the meeting topic
  2. Significance of the scientific question and results
  3. Style
    • Organization (e.g., the abstract has a clear beginning, middle and end)
    • Grammar and spelling
  4. Clarity of scientific presentations
    • Clear question or hypothesis
    • Sufficient background
    • The experimental approach and rationale for the approach are clear
    • The results are clearly presented
    • The interpretation and conclusions are reasonable and logical

Application Process

If you are eligible and wish to be considered for a scholarship, you should complete all of the following by the scholarship deadline for the meeting you wish to attend. It is recommended you begin these steps in advance of the deadline date to ensure completion.

  • Verify your contact information
  • Submit an abstract for the meeting to which you are applying (with paid abstract fee)
  • Have your mentor submit a letter via our website to verify your status as a student or postdoc

To apply for a scholarship, visit the Meetings Page and click the "apply for scholarship" link next to the meeting that you wish to attend.

NOTE: If you do not see the "Apply for Scholarship" link next to the meeting, the scholarship deadline has passed.

Attention NIH employees: Keystone Symposia processes scholarships as a reimbursement. Please note that if your employment status with NIH precludes receiving awards as a reimbursement, your award will consist only of registration paid "in kind". You will forfeit the remainder of the award. We will not be able to pay "in kind" for such expenses as lodging and transportation.

NOTE: Global Health Travel Awards and Underrepresented Trainee Scholarships are also available.

Please click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions for scholarships.
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