This meeting took place in 2017

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Type I Interferon: Friend and Foe Alike (X6)

Organizer(s) Alan Sher, Virginia Pascual, Adolfo GarcĂ­a-Sastre and Anne O'Garra
March 19—23, 2017
Fairmont Banff Springs • Banff, AB Canada
Discounted Abstract Deadline: Nov 17, 2016
Abstract Deadline: Dec 20, 2016
Scholarship Deadline: Nov 17, 2016
Discounted Registration Deadline: Jan 19, 2017

Supported by the Directors' Fund

Summary of Meeting:
While cytokines play critical roles in host defense and immune homeostasis, they in other settings can be key mediators of inflammatory pathology. This important functional dichotomy is perhaps best exemplified in the diverse activities of Type I interferon(s) in health and disease. Type I IFNs regulate a broad family of genes that either stimulate or inhibit immune function and in so doing have host protective or detrimental effects. Thus, while Type I IFNs are well-known for their anti-viral activity and stimulation of effector T cell responses, they can also promote autoimmune, bacterial and even certain viral diseases. Understanding this contextual dependency is crucial for unraveling the pathogenesis of Type I IFN-dependent diseases and for the design of interferon-based therapies and will be the central focus of the meeting. The conference will open with talks presenting an overview of Type I IFN genes and their regulation, innate recognition mechanisms and signaling pathways for Type I IFN induction and Mendelian-based interferonopathies. Additional sessions will focus on the role of Type I IFN in viral, bacterial and autoimmune diseases. The symposium will conclude with a discussion of the mechanistic and contextual factors that determine the beneficial versus deleterious outcome of Type I IFN induction and how this information can be applied to the development of targeted therapeutic interventions. Because of the timeliness of the topic, the conference should draw a broad audience from the fields of cytokine biology, inflammation, infectious disease and translational medicine and attract a solid industry representation.

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Biogen ECITA Scholarship Recipients

Ricardo Rajsbaum
University of Texas Medical Branch, USA

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Scholarship Recipients

Jennie B. Altman
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA

John Ty Crowl
University of Washington, USA

Jacquelyn Gorman
Seattle Children's Research Institute, USA

Stephen Rubino
Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA

Laura Sinigaglia
Institut Pasteur, France