About Fairmont Waterfront

Fairmont Waterfront
Fairmont Waterfront
900 Canada Place Way
Vancouver, BC V6C 3L5
Phone: (866) 540-4509 or (604) 691-1991
Fax: (604) 691-1999
Elevation: 0 ' (0m)

Meetings at This Location

Where else can you golf, sail and ski all in the same day! Surrounded by the coastal mountains of Vancouver and blessed with a spectacular harbor, lush city parks and undeniable charm, The Fairmont Waterfront has stunning views from every window. This luxury property is ideally situated steps from the infamous Sea Wall and Stanley Park, Historic Gastown, amazing restaurants and shopping galore. Capturing all that is appealing about the city; The Fairmont Waterfront is a one-of-a-kind destination.
  • Tip #1: For Visa and Entry Information to Canada visit http://www.traveldocs.com/ca/vr.htm. For a listing of countries whose citizens require visas to enter Canada http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp
  • Tip #2: Vancouver is a coastal city within an hour's drive of two ski areas. The weather is Vancouver can vary from snow to freezing rain to balmy spring days. Skiing depends on weather conditions.
  • Tip #3: The Fairmont Waterfront is located 2 blocks from the downtown area and charges a fee for parking, $34.00 CAD per day. Many restaurants and shops are within walking distance. Taxis and rental cars are easily attainable in downtown Vancouver. However, driving and parking in downtown Vancouver is difficult.

Shuttle Information: Vancouver has many forms of transportation to help conferees explore the area. Taxis are readily available; water taxis can take conferees to Granville Island and others areas of exploration. Ask the concierge at the hotel for more details.

The food included will be: buffet breakfast (each day of the meeting except departure day) coffee breaks, and social hour with light snacks during poster sessions. However the food offered varies site by site. Menus for daily food offered will be posted as well as menus for the area. Social Hour is provided to give conferees an opportunity to socialize, have a light snack and participate in the poster session. Limited seating is available.

Special Needs


Scientists with disabilities are welcome and encouraged to participate in Keystone Symposia meetings.

Please contact Keystone Symposia Attendee Services at +1 970-262-1230 or by email at info@keystonesymposia.org for accessibility information and additional information regarding special services, such as:

  • Free registration to assistants or companions needed for note-taking or personal care.
  • Preferred lodging options for persons with limited mobility.
  • Assistance locating the most optimal handicapped-accessible lodging.

In some cases, accommodations for individuals with disabilities are limited so attendees are encouraged to make arrangements well in advance of the meeting.

Dietary Restrictions

If you have special dietary restrictions (i.e., kosher, gluten-free, etc.) please contact Keystone Symposia Attendee Services at +1 970-262-1230 or by email at info@keystonesymposia.org.

If possible, please try to contact us at least two weeks before the meeting starts so we may make arrangements with the resort or conference center.

NOTE: Vegetarian options are available at Keystone Symposia meal functions, so you do not need to contact us.

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