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One Million Genomes: From Discovery to Health, June 4—8, 2018, Hannover, Germany

In collaboration with Volkswagen Foundation
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The completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 has catalyzed innovations in scientific research and in healthcare embodied in the term "precision medicine." Across the globe, many nations are investing in large-scale national sequencing cohort programs, resulting in over one million human genomes sequenced and linked to dense phenotypic and clinical data.

This Keystone Symposia conference will bring together scientists and leaders from healthcare and industry to discuss how to maximize the value of the investment in large-scale genome sequencing, highlight challenges and potential solutions for germ-line and somatic sequencing programs, and make recommendations for optimizing their impact on global health. It will assemble a highly interdisciplinary international community to articulate how best to use data from rich genomic resources to provide novel insights into the biology of disease, tools for the management of patients, and population health
management strategies.

The four-day symposium will focus on:
  • Various scientific challenges for the field, including implementation science;
  • The scalable data infrastructures and analyses required for impact on discovery and clinical care;
  • The value proposition for the investments that have been made in national programs.

Click here to watch a video of Dr. Ginsburg speaking about the conference and topic.

The conference will feature the following confirmed speakers (additional speakers will be added, including short talks chosen from abstracts):

Peter Campbell, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK
Mark Caulfield, William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London, UK
Zhengming Chen, University of Oxford, UK
Michael Gaziano, VA Boston Healthcare System, USA
Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Duke University, USA
Henk-Jan Guchelaar, Leiden University, Netherlands
Carolina Haefliger, AstraZeneca, Sweden
Sue Hill*, NHS England, UK
Jianjun Liu, Genome Institute of Singapore, Singapore
James R. Lupski, Baylor College of Medicine, USA
Daniel MacArthur, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
Surakameth Mahasirimongkol, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
Teri Manolio, National Institutes of Health, USA
Kristjan Metsalu, University of Tartu, Estonia
Andres Metspalu, Estonian Genome Center / University of Tartu, Estonia
Maja Mockenhaupt, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg, Germany
Kathryn North, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute,
University of Melbourne, Australia
Martin Reese, Fabric Genomics, USA
Heidi Rehm, Harvard Medical School, USA
Mary V. Relling, St. Jude Children's Hospital, USA
Gad Rennert, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Peter N. Robinson, JAX Genomic Medicine, USA
Jeong-Sun Seo, Seoul National University and Macrogen, South Korea
Alan R. Shuldiner, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc, USA
Kári Stefánsson, deCode Genetics, Iceland
Lotte Steuten, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA
Patrick Boon Ooi Tan, Genome Institute of Singapore, Singapore
Robyn Ward, University of Queensland, Australia
James S. Ware, Imperial College London, UK
John E.L. Wong, National University Health System, Singapore
Sarah Wordsworth, University of Oxford, UK

*Keynote Speaker

Organized in collaboration with:

One Million Genomes:
From Discovery to Health

June 4–8, 2018
Herrenhausen Palace
Hannover, Germany

Scientific Organizers:
Geoffrey S. Ginsburg,
Duke University
Teri Manolio, National Institutes
of Health
Patrick Boon Ooi Tan, Genome Institute of Singapore

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• Large-Scale National Sequencing Programs: Implementation to Impact

• Somatic Sequencing Programs: Biological Insights and Diagnosis

• Implementation Science
for Genomic and Precision Medicine

• Workshop 1: Rapid Interpretation of Genomes and Variant Calling

• International Data Resources Enabling Genomic Medicine

• The Actionable Genome

• Workshop 2: Functional Biology of Variants Discovered by Clinical Sequencing

• The Value Proposition
for National Sequencing

• Pharmacogenomics: The Leading Edge of Genomics Impact in Medicine

• Use of Large-Scale
Bio-Clinical Resources
for Drug Discovery


Discounted Registration:
April 11, 2018

Abstracts can still be submitted through April 30 for poster presentation.

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Who should attend?

Biomathematicians • Cancer Biologists • Data Scientists • Drug Developers • Geneticists • Health Economists • Precision Medicine Specialists • Public Health Experts • Regulatory Scientists

Additional Information
  • Click here to view the program and click here to download a program flyer.
  • Deadlines are at midnight US Mountain Time.
  • Discounted registration saves 200 USD on the later fee.
  • Presenting a poster is an excellent way to gain feedback on your work. Abstracts can be submitted through April 30 for poster presentation.
  • Please note that the first advertised meeting date is the date of arrival and registration, and the last date that of the last organized sessions.