Keystone Symposia boasts a leadership team with diverse scientific expertise, and vast experience across academic, industry and government sectors. Together, our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Scientific Officer, Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board ensure Keystone Symposia is always on the forefront of life-science research and innovation, while staying true to our core values and mission.

Board of Directors

Keystone Symposia is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors (BOD) composed of distinguished scientists from academia, industry, government and foundations. The board meets three times each year to provide guidance and direction to Keystone Symposia staff, and to participate with the larger Scientific Advisory Board in the determination of future conference topics and organizers. Members serve 3-year terms, and up to 3 consecutive terms. New board members are identified and recruited by the Nominating Committee of the Board, and elected by the full Board.

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Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of eminent biomedical scientists whose expertise derives from academia, industry, and the government. The SAB is tasked with guiding the development of the conference portfolio, prioritizing content and topics, and providing a substantive peer review process to ensure Keystone Symposia's reputation as the preeminent convener of scientific conferences in the biomedical and life sciences.

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Programming Consultants

The mission of Keystone Symposia's Study Group project is to gather experts in various disciplines to identify possible meeting topics and organizers for future Keystone Symposia meetings.

These scientific experts guide program development toward new, forward-looking meeting topics that hold great promise to benefit society, while also maintaining strong scientific foundations.

In addition to our Scientific Advisory Board, below are Study Group members who consulted on programming of our 2020 meeting series.

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