Why Participate?

Keystone Symposia convenes dynamic, open, peer-reviewed conferences on the exciting new frontiers of life science. Whether you are a geneticist, an immunologist or virtually any other type of life science investigator, and whether you are from academia, industry or the government/nonprofit sector, we think you will find the experience of attending a Keystone Symposia meeting valuable and memorable.

There are many distinguishing features of Keystone Symposia conferences.

  • Interactions easily occur due to the relatively small size of the meetings and the relaxed venues where they are held.
  • High-quality, late-breaking science is presented in a non-commercial atmosphere.
  • New, often cross-disciplinary collaborations are forged during social hours and free time.
  • Recreational experiences in beautiful settings refresh the mind and inspire creative, new thinking and direction.
  • Newer investigators receive mentoring, gain feedback and exposure during poster sessions, and can be selected to give short talks.

For the 2011 meeting season, 92% of participants rated the Keystone Symposia meeting quality “Excellent” or “Very Good” in a survey completed by approximately 33% of all attendees.

77% of survey respondents agreed that they had made a useful contact, 66% that their participation resulted in saving research time or money or accelerated reaching a research objective, 85% that the meeting facilitated interactions between junior and senior investigators, and 94% that they learned a usable idea or new technique.

Please note that registration is open without invitation. While not required, submitting an abstract and presenting a poster are encouraged as great ways to participate most fully in a Keystone Symposia meeting. Please review our upcoming season meeting portfolio and contact us if we can answer any questions you may have. We look forward to welcoming you soon at one of our conferences.

Here are some comments recent participants have made about Keystone Symposia conferences:

“As a scientist and member of the biotech industry, I highly value the Keystone Symposia as one of the last venues of true open scientific dialogue spanning both academia and industry in the biological sciences, and am happy to be able to support this work.”

~Daniel A. Elkes, Ph.D., Chief Grants Officer, The Elkes Foundation (2012 donor)
“One of the best, if not THE best, meeting I have attended. All sessions were of interest and the diversity (and quality) of research was stunning.”

~Anonymous comment from attendee survey for 2012 Cardiovascular Development and Regeneration meeting
“I strongly feel that my attendance boosted my career through connecting and networking with peers and top scientists in the field. I actively contributed to discussion by asking questions directly to the speakers. My poster presentation and overall interactions through the conference were very useful. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend. I tremendously enjoyed it.”

~Susu Zughaier, Ph.D., Emory University School of Medicine (2011 Global Health Travel Awardee)
“I love these kinds of meetings, because at least half of the people you have not heard speak before, making the sessions even more interesting. On the practical side, my group came away with four new relationships with groups we had not met before. Two have resulted in substantial academic collaborations, and the other two were with representatives from two major pharma companies...”

~James Paulson, M.D., Scripps Research Institute (2011 speaker)
“This was my first Keystone Symposia meeting, and it far surpassed my wildest expectations.”

~Michael O. Thorner, M.D., University of Virginia, USA (2010 speaker)

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