Health Disparities Workshops

Increasing awareness of the impact of both social and demographic factors on disease burden and health outcomes has led to the growing field of health disparities research. Keystone Symposia has an ongoing initiative to highlight scientific advances in health disparities research, including Virtual Keystone Symposia digitally recorded broadcasts as well as workshops at our in-person conferences. By catalyzing these conversations, and bringing in diverse voices, we aim to openly address these issues and foster collaborative and innovative approaches to make health and medicine equally accessible to all.

Note: Health Disparities Workshops are planned for the upcoming meeting in 2020, "Beyond a Million Genomes: From Discovery to Precision Health."

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VKS ePanel: Health Disparities: Sickle Cell, Research, and CRISPR

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VKS ePanel: Health Disparities: Type 2 Diabetes, Research and Policy

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