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Chromatin Structure and Activity
Organizer(s): James T. Kadonaga, Lorraine Pillus and Michael S. Levine
Date: January 26 - 31, 2002
Location: Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza Hotel, Santa Fe, NM, USA
Sponsored in part by The Director's Sponsor Fund
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Summary of Meeting:
The purpose of this meeting is to illuminate current concepts in the structure and function of chromatin, particularly with regard to the role of chromatin in the regulation of gene expression. There have been many exciting discoveries that have revealed an intimate relation between chromatin structure and transcriptional activity. Some transcriptional coregulators function to modulate chromatin structure. Other coregulators catalyze reversible chemical modifications of chromatin that enhance or repress gene expression. Beyond the basic chromatin filament, higher-order chromatin structures are involved in the regulation of enhancer activity and in global transcriptional repression. In addition, new experimental approaches to the study of chromatin structure and function are being devised. It is anticipated that current models will be refined and, in some instances, disputed. In this manner, there will emerge new concepts and ideas on the molecular mechanisms by which chromatin functions in the cell.
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