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Gene-Based Vaccines: Mechanisms, Delivery Systems and Efficacy
Organizer(s): Margaret A. Liu and Jay A. Berzofsky
Date: April 10 - 15, 2002
Location: Beaver Run Resort, Breckenridge, CO, USA
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Summary of Meeting:
Gene-based vaccines (both plasmid- and vector-based) are considered a most promising approach for making both prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines against a number of infectious diseases and cancer. These vaccines can induce the cytolytic T cell responses thought to be critical for many viral and parasitic diseases and cancer more effectively than protein-based or killed-organism vaccines, yet do not have the potential risk that attenuated viruses may have. In addition, they may have a number of other technological advantages for vaccines needed on a global scale. However, to date, a number of fundamental issues need to be solved, including increasing the potency of the vaccines by understanding the mechanisms of DNA uptake and antigen presentation, and determining how to harness the unexpected immunostimulatory effects of DNA itself. This meeting will provide the opportunity to bring together scientists from a variety of disciplines (microbiology, virology, cell biology, vaccinology, gene therapy, oncology, infectious diseases, polymer chemistry) to address the fundamental cellular mechanisms involved, within the context of the greater immunological issues.
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