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Epigenetics in Development and Disease
joint with RNA Interference, Cosuppression and Related Phenomena
Organizer(s): Alan P. Wolffe, Stephen B. Baylin and Trevor K. Archer
Date: February 21 - 26, 2002
Location: Taos Convention Center (meeting only), Taos, New Mexico, USA
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Summary of Meeting:
Remarkable progress is being made in appreciation and the role of epigenetics in topics as diverse as somatic gene therapy, cloning and transgenic strategies in plants and animals, aspects of cancer biology, the study of viral latency, the activity of mobile elements, genomic imprinting, and developmental abnormalities in animals and plants. Epigenetics presents a wonderful fusion of sciences relevant to human medicine, animal and plant biotech, and basic science. The excitement in this research area comes from the realization that diverse organisms have common molecular mechanisms that contribute to epigenetic control. This Keystone Symposium on 'Epigenetics in Development and Disease' will review the enormous progress and opportunities in this fast moving field. The meeting will have substantial representation from academic, medical and biotechnology perspectives. Therapeutic and commercial applications of epigenetics will be considered in depth.
Discounted Abstract Deadline: October 22 2001
Discounted Registration Deadline: December 20 2001
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National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Grant No. 1 R13 CA94249-01
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