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Stem Cells: Origins, Fates and Functions
joint with Development of the Spinal Cord and Neural Crest
Organizer(s): Fred H. Gage, Brigid L.M. Hogan and Yuh-Nung Jan
Date: March 17 - 23, 2002
Location: Keystone Resort, Keystone, CO, USA
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Summary of Meeting:
Pluripotent stem cells give rise to all cells of an organism. All multicellular organisms are derived from stem cells. Stem cells exist in most organs of adult species and give rise to progeny throughout life. The origin and nature of the most primitive stem cells remains elusive, though population studies confirm their existence. The intrinsic and extrinsic factors that regulate cell fate determination are only presently being studied in detail. There is great promise for the use of stem cells in tissue repair and disease, but basic knowledge of underlying mechanism of proliferation, migration, and differentiation are lacking. By comparing the knowledge acquired from different species, common principles will likely emerge. By delineating the similarities in the properties of stem cells derived from different ages and different tissue, a convergent conceptual framework will provide coherence and guidance for future studies. Evaluation of the current application of stem cells for diagnosis and therapy should provide a measure of how much progress has been made, and is needed.
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