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MEETING CANCELLED: Computational Biology of Time
Organizer(s): Terrence Sejnowski and Sydney Brenner
Date: January 31 - February 04, 2003
Location: Banff Centre, Banff, AB, Canada
Summary of Meeting:
Biological systems oscillate over a wide range of time scales, from the heartbeat to circadian rhythms. In each of these systems, molecular mechanisms are being uncovered that underlie these rhythms and stabilize them, but the number of molecules and the complexity of their interactions are daunting. There is growing interest in applying computational models to these biological systems. This symposium brings together some of the leading computational model builders and key researchers studying the circadian clock, photoperiodism in plants, the cell cycle in yeast, cardiac rhythms, brain rhythms that occur during sleep and firefly synchronization. The mathematical principles that emerge from the models highlight deep similarities that exist between these diverse systems, and allow a broader understanding to emerge for how biological systems organize time in robust and effective ways.
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Friday, January 31 | 12:26AM - 12:26AM
MEETING CANCELLED: Computational Biology of Time