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New Advances in Drug Discovery
Organizer(s): Christine M. Debouck, Joshua Boger and Paul A. Bartlett
Date: March 21 - 26, 2004
Location: Keystone Resort, Keystone, CO, USA
Sponsored by ICOS Corporation
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Summary of Meeting:
This Keystone Symposium is intended to bring together a multidisciplinary cross-section of scientists to openly discuss the most exciting recent advances in industry and academia in areas related to drug discovery and development. The completion of the human genome provides unique opportunities to enhance drug discovery through the utilization of sequence information, as well as of application of new tools to elucidate gene function in health and disease. In addition, a variety of novel technologies impacting chemistry and pharmacology promise to improve the speed and success rate of drug discovery and development. The meeting will focus on success stories in drug discovery, as well as highlight the impact of new technologies. Sessions will cover drug candidates in advanced clinical development; technology breakthroughs impacting the early stages of drug discovery; novel approaches for target validation; in vivo imaging technologies; new therapeutic target classes; initiatives influencing what compounds to make to increase development success rate; and, new strategies for clinical evaluation of drug candidates.
Discounted Abstract Deadline: November 21 2003
Discounted Registration Deadline: January 21 2004
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