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Traffic Control: Rab GTPases in Vesicular Transport
joint with Golgi Apparatus and Secretory Pathway of Eukaryotic Cells
Organizer(s): Burton F. Dickey, Suzanne R. Pfeffer and Peter Novick
Date: January 20 - 25, 2004
Location: Beaver Run Resort, Breckenridge, CO, USA
Sponsored in part by the Director's Sponsor Fund
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Summary of Meeting:
Upon completion of this conference, participants should be able to appreciate the multiple roles of Rab proteins as master regulators of vesicle traffic. Rab proteins comprise a family of more than sixty Ras-related GTPases that regulate interorganellar vesiclar transport. While several yeast Rab genes are essential, their precise molecular function has been obscure because of the plethora of seemingly unrelated proteins with which they interact. Recently it has become apparent that Rabs function at multiple substeps of vesicle traffic, from the loading of nascent vesicles with cargo and docking machinery, through vesicle transport along cytoskeletal elements, to vesicle tethering and docking at target membranes. Current work is focused on understanding which interactions of Rab proteins with other aspects of the trafficking machinery are conserved across the Rab family and which are unique for individual Rabs; understanding how the complex Rab cycle of GTP binding and hydrolysis is coupled to each substep of transport; and understanding how interactions with effectors, regulators, and membranes are specified in space and time. By bringing together investigators working on various Rab proteins that regulate traffic between different organellar compartments, insight will be gained into the underlying principles of Rab action.
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