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Tissue-Selective Nuclear Receptors
Organizer(s): William T. Schrader, John A. Cidlowski, Kenneth S. Korach and Donald P. McDonnell
Date: September 18 - 22, 2005
Location: Beaver Run Resort, Breckenridge, CO, USA
Sponsored by the Director's Fund
Summary of Meeting:
The nuclear hormone receptors engender great research interest, and have spawned numerous scientific meetings. The past Keystone Symposia dealt with this topic from the perspective of molecular biology. This meeting will bring together three aspects of research impacting human health via the nuclear receptors. These three groups are (a) basic scientists, (b) pharmaceutical drug discoverers and (c) clinicians. The meeting will unfold a series of questions regarding unmet medical needs for drugs involving nuclear receptor ligands, recent advances towards a molecular understanding of tissue-selectivity as a hallmark for improved safety and efficacy, and a resources workshop to address and fulfill needs for emerging novel research tools. This meeting will differ from other Keystone meetings dealing with the nuclear hormone receptor family by concentrating upon the link of molecular tools to unmet medical needs for improved therapeutics.
Scholarship Deadline: June 17 2005
Discounted Abstract Deadline: June 17 2005
Abstract Deadline: July 1 2005
Discounted Registration Deadline: July 18 2005
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