Fund A Fellow

Fund a Fellow

A unique professional advancement opportunity for early-career scientists from diverse backgrounds

  • Funding for one fellow annually is $6,000
  • A Named Endowment supporting one fellow in perpetuity is $150,000

About the Keystone Symposia Fellows Program

The Keystone Symposia Fellows Program is part of the Diversity in Life Science Program (DLSP) portfolio, which aims to bolster diversity throughout the biomedical research community, promoting scientific leaders among academia, industry and government. Such all-encompassing diversity is essential to lay the foundation for a future that serves all of humanity, such that research and medicine include and reflect the full spectrum of perspectives, insights and needs of a broad community.

The Fellows Program aims to give early-career scientists from UR and other disadvantaged backgrounds the support and skills they need to successfully pursue leadership and decision-making roles in academic, industry and government research sectors. This program is designed around key programmatic elements to enhance confidence, leadership skills, networking opportunities, and visibility of fellows within the biological and biomedical research community. Fellows will learn from career-development workshops and hands-on immersion experience, working directly with eminent scientists from our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to pursue their career goals.

The program includes the following critical elements:

  • Leadership and skills training tailored to life science researchers at a critical career stage
  • Participation in two Keystone Symposia Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) meetings, consisting of lively and intensive peer-review sessions focused on cutting-edge science of the highest caliber and current relevance
  • One-on-one mentorship by a distinguished member of the SAB
  • Preferred access to travel award support to attend a future Keystone Symposia conference
  • Ongoing peer-to-peer mentorship as part of the Keystone Symposia DLSP community, a distinguished group of UR scientists and advisors representing a strong, supportive and diverse life science network

We are passionate about supporting the next generation of a diverse scientific workforce, and we ask you to consider giving a gift to this critical program.

For more information or to make a gift, please contact our Director of Individual Giving at or at 970-262-2676.