Future of Science Fund

What is the Future of Science Fund?

The Future of Science Fund is a way, through outright or estate gifts, to provide scholarship support to postdoctoral and graduate students. At every Keystone Symposia meeting, young investigators compete for opportunities to present abstracts and for scholarships that subsidize travel and lodging costs. Each year we receive many more scholarship applications than we can fund. Your support helps maintain and strengthen the scholarship program, making more of these awards possible. The level of access these up-and-coming investigators enjoy at our meetings with the leaders in their fields is unparalleled, and these interactions help prepare and position young researchers to make their contributions to life science.

Future of Science Fund donors are typically alumni of previous meetings, new participants and other individuals with a passion for scientific discovery and its translation into new applications that benefit the global community. These donors appreciate that others have made a significant impact on preparing and positioning them to make their contributions to science, and want to pass that gift of support to the next generation of scientists.

Please contact the Development Office if you would like more information on supporting Keystone Symposia in this way, or if you would like to explore other outright and estate gift opportunities.

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Honor a Mentor or Loved One — Named Fund Opportunities

Keystone Symposia is happy to be able to offer named fund opportunities to donors who wish to establish a legacy of personal or organizational support for our scientific mission. A named fund is an especially meaningful way to honor a mentor or loved one(s), or to help define your own legacy in support of specific Keystone Symposia programs of particular importance to you.

Click here to learn more about opportunities for honoring a mentor or loved one by establishing a named fund.