Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile App - FAQs
  • Is there one place for "all-I-need-to-know" information about the Mobile App?
  • Yes, we have a page dedicated to Mobile App information -

  • Do you have a meeting mobile app?
  • Our mobile app, powered by a company called EventMobi, allows you to create a personalized meeting agenda and profile with photo, look up other participants, connect to them via social media, receive announcements from our staff, view abstracts, take program notes, and access discounts and other information about local area activities and services. You can use it on a smart phone, tablet or as a website on your laptop. And you can use it online or offline if you have already downloaded it.

  • What features does the mobile app provide to enhance the meeting experience?
    • View and search the full text of poster and speaker abstracts
    • Search the entire app (including program and speaker/poster abstracts) for names and/or keywords
    • Send messages to or chat with other attendees
    • Join group discussions
    • Add your website and social media links in the "Contact" section of your profile and your email address and a link to your ResearchGate page in the "About" section
    • View the program, "favorite" sessions and abstracts that you don't want to miss and create a personalized meeting agenda
    • Receive on-site announcements from our staff
    • Take session-specific notes and email them to yourself
    • View job announcements
    • Access information about local-area activities, discounts and services.

  • What is the difference between a Web App and a Native App?
  • A native app is one that is installed directly onto the smart device and can work, in most cases, with no internet connectivity depending on the nature of the app. A web app works via web browser on the smart device but often requires either a cell signal or wi-fi to function. Our web app from EventMobi does work in offline mode.

  • How do I access the Web App?
  • For the multi-event app:
    Open a browser window on your device and go to

    For Meeting-specific app:
    You must know the abbreviated meeting code. This code is the two-digit year followed by the letter number for the meeting listed on the meetings page of our website. For example, 16S1, 16S2, 17A2, joint meetings are 17J12, 17X12, etc. Open a browser window on your device and type in this URL:'meetingcode', where 'meetingcode' is the abbreviated meeting code described above.

    Once the meeting is displayed in the browser, you can bookmark the page and save to your desktop. Then, just click on the desktop icon to access the app.

  • How do I download / access the Native App?
  • Go to the appropriate app store:

    Search for "Keystone Symposia". Once the multi-event app is found, download it to your device and open it like any other app from your home screen.

  • Are there any compatibility Issues with devices or operating systems?
  • On Your Mobile Browser
    Our mobile app can be accessed from any device with a web browser -- smartphone, table, laptop, or desktop. Our offline-capable app works smoothly on any device with a current operating system and mainstream browser:
    • iOS 6 and later
    • Android 4.1 and later
    • Blackberry OS 10 and later
    • any Windows OS running IE 9 and later

    If you are viewing the app on an older mobile device or a slow internet connection, you may be redirected to a quick view that displays essential agenda and event date/time/location information.

    All devices will require connectivity for the initial download of the app.

    Once you have accessed the app, it will save itself to your browser and you will be able to access it offine thereafter.

    From an App Store
    Our apps are available from the following app stores. To download the app from one of the app stores, your device must meet the following requirement:
    • Apple App Store: iOS 7 and higher
    • Google Play: Android 4 and higher

    On Your Desktop Browser
    Our app is also supported by all mainstream desktop browsers:
    • Chrome 14 and later
    • Safari 5.1 and later
    • Firefox 6 and later
    • Internet Explorer 9 and later

  • What happens if I lose my internet connection?
  • Once you have accessed your EventMobi app, you can view and use it offline, including interactive features like adding sessions to your schedule, taking notes, and selecting favorite companies.

    If you would prefer not to download from the app store, just access it in your browser using the unique URL for your event's app. It usually takes the following format:

    You have to be online the first time you access your app. The first time you access the event app on your mobile device, you will see a loading screen for a few seconds while the app stores itself in your browser's local memory (cache). Thereafter, all the app content will be available to you with or without connectivity. Some functions will still require connectivity:
    • Adding or editing your attendee profile
    • Uploading images
    • Getting updates and alerts
    • Participating in polls, surveys, and feedback forms
    • viewing attached resource documents

  • How can I edit my own profile and upload a picture?
  • To edit your profile, click the 'login' icon (top, right of screen), then click the 'Profile' button to enter profile information. NOTE: the App is preloaded with your registration information.

    To load a picture in your profile, click 'Edit' located above the person icon (top, left on screen), then click 'select photo' and browse to the location of your saved picture. The picture should be square and approximately 100 x 100 pixels. NOTE: If you are using an iPhone, only those running iOS6 or later will support image upload.

  • How do I Search abstracts for keywords and/or authors?
  • The search box is located top, left on the screen, under the URL. If you are on a mobile device, click 'Menu' to see this. The search function is a full-text search and searches everything in the App (Program, Attendees, Speaker Abstracts, Poster Abstracts, etc.). If you are looking for Abstracts with specific keywords or a specific author, just enter keywords and/or names. A searchable PDF file of Abstracts is also available in the app or from your online account.

  • How do I create my own custom schedule?
  • After logging into the app, locate a session in the program that you are interested in attending and click 'Add to Your Schedule'. You can also add Speaker Abstracts/Poster Abstracts to your schedule. To view your schedule, go into your favorites section (person icon on top right of screen) and click 'Program'. You can export items to your calendar and you can also delete items from your schedule here.

  • How do I take notes (and save)?
  • After logging into the app, for sessions or abstracts, you click 'Add Your Notes' and start typing. You can save your notes by clicking 'Save Notes', but notes are automatically saved every 30 seconds. To see your notes, go back to profile and click 'Notes'. If you would like to download your notes to view outside of the App, click 'Email Me My Note'.

  • How do I view alerts?
  • If an alert has been sent out, you will see it in the app as a pop-up and within the Event Feed at the top of the Home screen. You can also find it in the 'Announcements' menu, which archives all the alerts that have been sent out. Push notifications are only available with native app.

  • Can I send a message to an organizers, speakers, or other attendees?
  • Yes, search for the person and then select 'Send Them a Message'.

  • Can I get help if I have problems downloading or using the app?
  • Yes, if you have any issues with the app, please email