Financial Aid Opportunities

It is part of Keystone Symposia’s core mission to support and train the next generation of scientists, who will be the leaders and innovators of the future. Investing in these early-career scientists is how we will truly make a lasting and transformative impact on science and medicine, by providing them with the skills and inspiration to drive research in new directions.

As such, Keystone Symposia offers a variety of financial aid programs to bring these up-and-coming young scientists to our meetings, where they can take advantage of invaluable career-development opportunities. These talented trainees are integral members of the scientific community, and we value the fresh perspectives, innovative strategies and vibrant energy they bring to our conferences, and the field.

                                     Note:  For virtual meetings, see posted deadlines for financial aid opportunities of eSymposia events

Student Discounts

Discounted registration is available for students in undergraduate, M.S., Ph.D. or M.D. programs, providing access to the latest scientific advances, technologies and approaches to advance their research, and careers.

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Scholarships provide funding for over 400 students and post-doctoral fellows annually, who are chosen to present their work alongside global research leaders and participate in unique mentorship opportunities.

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Underrepresented Trainee Scholarships

Keystone Symposia is dedicated to bolstering diversity among the life-sciences community and workforce by supporting trainees from under-represented backgrounds through scholarship funding, with many career-advancement opportunities.

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Global Health Travel Awards

These awards bring scientists, physicians, fellows or students from developing nations to our Global Health Series meetings, where the scientific topic is endemic to their country of origin. These colleagues are crucial partners in our mission, offering diverse perspectives and invaluable insights toward innovative scientific and public health strategies against global health challenges.

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