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Lydia Contreras, PhD
University of Texas at Austin

Our research combines biomolecular engineering, genetic studies and computational modeling to understand molecular features that lead to the specific recognition and interaction of regulatory RNAs and proteins. We apply fundamental concepts that emerge from experimental (and computational) work to develop novel applications that could beneficially impact human health and biotechnology. Overall research interests: *transcriptional regulation, *regulatory RNA networks, *epitranscriptomics, * RNA-protein interactions, RNA-protein folding * Novel molecular tools for intracellular studies of RNA-metabolism * * Diagnostics for RNA-related diseases * Molecular mechanisms of stress-responses

Research Keywords:

# Transcriptional Regulation
# Regulatory RNA Networks
# Epitranscriptomics
# RNA-protein Interactions
# RNA-protein Folding
# Novel Molecular Tools

Mentor: Ronald T. Raines, PhD

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