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Why Keystone Symposia?

Keystone Symposia was founded on the philosophy that partnerships between academic and industry sectors spur scientific, technological and translational advances and innovations, that ultimately achieve greater impacts on research, patients, and society. As such, life science industry partners have always been invaluable to Keystone Symposia’s mission.

These partnerships provide benefits to both parties.

  • Financial support from leading biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other life-science companies are critical to support conference program expenses, as well as diversity and career-development initiatives that provide training opportunities for the next-generation.
  • Partners receive exclusive access and visibility to key audiences and customers in life-science research from around the world, spanning diverse regions and disciplines. See our list of current donors here: Current Donors

Conferences– Reach core audiences in targeted fields of interest:

  • Corporate Logo on Home Page of Main Keystone Symposia Website
  • Corporate Logo on Keystone Symposia Website (meeting webpages and donor sections)
  • Slide Loops Running between Speaker Sessions at Conferences
  • Delegate Bag Inserts (e.g., giveaways, information, job postings)
  • Exclusive Mobile App Sponsorship and Banner Ad Recognition (please contact the Development Office for more details)
  • Mobile App Recognition on Meeting Sponsor Pages
  • Literature Table Display

Directors' Fund– Support innovative science and emerging topics by contributing to our Director’s Fund, which provides critical funding for new fields of interest. In these untapped arenas lie the scientific and medical advances of the future. Play a role in shaping tomorrow’s research landscape and medical impacts.

Learn About the Directors' Fund

Financial Aid and Diversity Initiatives– Start building your foundation in the next-generation now by support scholarships, travel awards and other programs that benefit your future employees and customers.

Virtual Keystone Symposia (VKS)– Reach global audiences by sponsoring VKS coverage of a particular event of interest, or formulate your own online discussion of hot topics featuring industry and/or academic leaders to draw viewers from around the world. Set yourself apart as a thought-leader within the life-science community.

For recognition and exhibit opportunities, please see our Meeting Specific Sponsorship Opportunities and Corporate Funding Sponsorship Opportunities brochures.


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Director of Corporate Relations
Phone: +1 970-262-2690
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