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How to Register



  • View our Meetings List to see the available meetings for the current season.
  • Click on the "register" button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Note: Several conferences are converted to virtual format. See topic & registration information: eSymposia events.


  • Make a list of the meetings you wish to attend.
  • Have credit card ready.
  • Call us at:
    +1 800-253-0685 (US and Canada only)
    +1 970-262-1230
    Office Hours: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm (Mountain Time Zone)


  • Download our PDF Registration Form and fill it out.*
  • If registering for multiple meetings, please use multiple registration forms.
  • Include credit card number, expiration date, card holder's name, and signature.
  • Registration form and payment must be received by the Discounted Registration Deadline in order to receive that rate.
  • Mail it to:
    Keystone Symposia
    160 U.S. Highway 6, Suite 200
    PO Box 1630
    Silverthorne, CO 80498
  • *This PDF file does allow you to save the data you enter into the form fields. However, we still need a signed version of this form in order to process your credit card. Need Assistance?
We accept the following methods of payment in US Dollars:

  1. Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB (payable online)
  2. Checks drawn on US Banks and US Money Orders*
    • Checks and Money Orders must be mailed to our office
  3. International Wire Transfer
    • This option is provided only to international customers who are not able to pay by other means (Learn More About Wire Transfers )
    • Changes in payment type that result in a refund are subject to a processing fee
    • Currency exchange gains/losses are the responsibility of the registrant and the Keystone Symposia will accept no liability for money loss through bank charges, transfers or currency fluctuations

If you have questions concerning payment, please contact
Keystone Symposia does not accept: PayPal, Purchase Orders, Bank to Bank Transfers, Direct Deposits


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