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Wire Transfers


The wire transfer option is provided only for international customers who are not able to pay by other means. Payment to the Keystone Symposia must be received in full and in U.S. Dollars.

Bank Fees: Your bank may charge fees for this service. The Keystone Symposia is not responsible for any such fees. Intermediary banks may deduct handling fees from your wire transfer. You will be required to pay these amounts if we do not receive your full registration fee.

PLEASE NOTE: Wire transfers can take up to ten business days to process. Please allow ample time for your transfer to reach us.

  • You are not registered for the meeting until the Keystone Symposia receives your payment.
  • Abstract fees must be received by the appropriate abstract deadlines.
  • Registration fees must be received by the appropriate registration deadlines.
  • Last minute registrations must be received 7 days prior to the meeting.

Please note the following conditions for wire transfer payments:

  • Include the invoice number we give you or your wire will be returned.
  • The Keystone Symposia does not accept payment by domestic wire transfer, or ACH transfer.
  • The Keystone Symposia does not send refunds by wire transfer. If you require a refund for any reason, it will be sent via a check from a U.S. Bank in U.S. Dollars or by credit card if one was used on your account.
  • Send an e-mail to when the wire is sent, noting the amount and reference.

To send one wire transfer for multiple attendees, please email or contact our office.

To send an International Wire Transfer, you will need to provide the Keystone Symposia's banking information to your financial institution. We will provide this information when you register for a meeting and check out.

Keystone Symposia accepts the following in US Dollars:

  1. Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB (payable online)
  2. Checks drawn on US Banks and US Money Orders*
    • Checks and Money Orders must be mailed to our office
  3. International Wire Transfer
    • This option is provided only to international customers who are not able to pay by other means
    • Changes in payment type that result in a refund are subject to a processing fee
    • Currency exchange gains/losses are the responsibility of the registrant and the Keystone Symposia will accept no liability for money loss through bank charges, transfers or currency fluctuations

If you have questions concerning payment, please contact
Keystone Symposia does not accept: PayPal, Purchase Orders, Bank to Bank Transfers, Direct Deposits


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