Cancellation, Transfer & Refund Policies


  • We must receive your request in writing.
  • All transfers and cancellations must be requested no later than 15 days before the meeting start date to receive a partial or product price difference refund.
  • In-person meeting cancellations will incur a $200 cancellation fee unless you are transferring to another meeting product type.
    Allowed meeting transfers:
    • In-person to Live Stream or On Demand
    • Live Stream to In Person or On Demand
    • All live stream cancellations will automatically convert to On Demand
    • We can only process person to person transfers for an In-Person meeting. You may transfer your meeting to another colleague, or you may transfer your registration to a future In-Person meeting for yourself.
    • All transfers must be within the current meeting season which runs July to June.
  • No refunds on abstract fees.
  • If meeting is cancelled we will notify all registered attendees of the cancellation procedure and refund status for that specific meeting.
  • If you cannot attend the in person meeting due to travel restrictions by your company/country we cannot give a full refund. You will receive a refund less the cancellation fee if your cancellation is received within 15 days of the meeting start date.





  • In-Person meetings are on location, in person attendance required.
  • Live Stream meetings are at your location streaming an in person meeting live on your device.
  • On Demand meetings are recordings of meetings you may access after the meeting has ended and will be available for viewing in your account for 3 months.