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Help Keystone Symposia Drive Life Science Innovation

Keystone Symposia serves as a catalyst for the advancement of life-science research and medicine by convening the world's leading researchers, clinicians, global health experts and other biomedical players to discuss and solve today’s greatest biomedical challenges. 

In order to fulfilling these missions, Keystone Symposia relies on financial support from organizations and individuals throughout the global life science community. Their generous gifts and grants fund many aspects of our meeting programs and scholarship opportunities, as a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization (Tax ID # 84-1326605).


Adam Idica


Alan Sher

Alberto Bosque

Sofia and Marco

Alexander Pertsemlidis

Alexandre Deshiere

Amanda Brown

Andrew Houk

Anke Huckriede

Anne Durandy

Anne O'Garra*

Antonio Lanzavecchia

Aprilianto Eddy Wiria

Bei Zhang & Mark Erion*


Beverly Emerson

Blandine Monel

Bo Wu

Bruno Vaslin

Caroline Breitbach

Cecily L. Bray

Chuck Reynolds

Cherié Butts*

Christopher Atwood

Christopher Karp and Marsha Wills-Karp with matching gift from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Chunfeng Qu

David Auld


David Eliezer

David Frendewey

David and Marcy Woodland

Dawn L. Brasaemle

Keystone Symposia

Deborah Johnson*

E. Dale Abel*

Edison T. Liu and Margaret B. Liu

Dr. Edward A. Dennis*

Eldon Ulrich

Elizabeth Jaffee

Eric and Victoria Parker

Esmeralda Casas

Federica Sallusto

Frankie Heyward

Gary A. Koretzky

Geoff Ginsburg and Pamela Douglas*

Gerald Sufrin

Greg Spear

Hardesty Capital Management

Heidi Daetwyler-Simpson

Helena Nunes-Cabaço

Helke Hillebrand

Ian A. Wilson

Ian Colrain*

Igor B. Kramnik

Ingrid E. Wertz

Jane L. Peterson and Kenneth J. Cremer

Janet M. Shaw

Janusz Franco-Barraza

Jenna and Scott Bednar-Page

Jennifer Honda

Jill Reifschneider

Jim Aiken

Joel Linden


John Cantwell

John Cantwell

Jose Perez-Polo

Juan Carlos Lopez*

Juleen Zierath*


Kevin Gardner

Kris Huygen

Amber Tuttle

Lawrence Lamb

Lee Ellis

Dr. Lee-Ann Allen

Lei Zhou


Bob and Linda Hrycaj

Lori Sussel*

Lucas Hoffman

Madeline A. Shea and Marc S. Wold

Marc Wold

Margaret Liu and Robert Johnson

Margaret Liu

Maria Freire*

Mark Lang

Mark Lessner

Masataka Harada

Massachusetts Nurses Association

Michael Forstner

Michael Holtzman

Michael Lederman

Micheala Aldred

Myles Brown

NK and Irene Cheung

Nancy Pedersen

Natalie Ahn

Nicole Frahm


Novartis US Charitable

Pamela S. Daugherty

Patricia Aguilar

Paul August

Peter S. Kim

Peter Prevelige

Phyllis McNeil

Piero Carninci

Ralph Bradshaw*

Ralph Nixon

Raul Torres and Roberta Pelanda

Raymond Rodriguez

Rebecca Dutch

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Richard Cates

Romain Bouziat

Ronald Raines

Sean M. Wu

Sharilyn Almodovar

Sharon E. Flanagan and Dale F. Flanagan

Shingo Kajimura

Slobodan Macura

Stephanie Watts

Stephen Anderson

Tachi and Leslie Yamada

Tanya Muller and David Garner

Thale Jarvis*

ThermoFisher Scientific

Tony Hunter*

Trudy Oliver

Valerio Chiurchiù

Veronique Kiermer*

Vicki Sato

Vishva Dixit*

Vito Palombella

Walter Chazin

Walter Moos and Susan Miller*

Zolt Arany

Cornelia Trimble


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