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Keystone Symposia celebrates our 50th Anniversary!


In celebration of our 50th anniversary, Keystone Symposia is embarking on an endowment campaign to ensure our ability to catalyze the cutting-edge in scientific collaboration, innovation & advancement and to support young investigators for generations to come. Learn more about Fifty Forward.


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Call for Applications


Early-Career Investigator Travel Awards (ECITAs) provide funding for early-stage investigators from diverse backgrounds to attend Keystone Symposia conferences. Learn more about ECITAs.

Applications must be received by the posted scholarship deadline for the selected meeting; deadlines are available on our conference page.


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From the KeyPoint Blog

7 min read

Keystone Symposia Climate Initiatives

Over the course of the last 50 years, Keystone Symposia has convened conferences that connect scientists within and across disciplines to solve the greatest challenges in biomedical and life...

8 min read

Reimagining Scientific Conferences: pandemic lessons in reducing carbon footprint, engaging new audiences & rethinking strategies for scientific exchange, now on Demand

Scientific conferences have long been the medium of scientific exchange, inspiration and collaboration that drive the scientific endeavor forward. During the pandemic, we have all been forced to...

10 min read

Frontiers for Young Minds

Today’s Open Access Spotlight goes to Frontiers for Young Minds, a non-profit science journal for kids, BY kids! That’s right, a publication where kids are the reviewers of the latest scientific...

Keystone Symposia News

1 min read

Health and Safety Updates Due to COVID-19

The health and safety of Keystone Symposia meeting participants and staff remains our top priority. We periodically review our COVID-19 policies to ensure alignment with public health recommendations and local guidelines. The current policies apply for in-person meetings for 2023.

Vaccinations and masking:  We no longer require evidence of COVID-19 vaccinations for attendance at our meetings, but...


The Science Must Go On


Keystone Symposia is committed to continuing our strong tradition of bringing the scientific community together, across geographic and interdisciplinary boundaries, to catalyze the discovery, innovation, and breakthroughs that accelerate scientific research and medical advancement. In this spirit, we are excited to launch our new virtual meeting series: eSymposia. Read More...

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Why Keystone Symposia?

Fellows Friday discussions provided a ‘template’ for structuring our approach to the SAB, interacting with mentors, and connecting with Fellow alumni.
Breann Brown, PhD
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Why Keystone Symposia?

The Keystone fellows program unlocks an extraordinary network of other fellows, scientific leaders, SAB members, and more. Don't hesitate to reach out to this network for future collaborators, scientific advice, or career advice as everyone is more than willing to help.
Rachel Roth Flach, PhD
Pfizer Inc.

Why Keystone Symposia?

The Keystone Symposia Fellows Program made me more savvy and optimistic about my career path. The Fellows Friday writing sessions were especially helpful and played a big part in getting my first last-author paper published in PNAS.
Tamia Harris-Tryon, MD, PhD
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

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